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Shyft design is the new way to design products for today’s needs. With the user in the center, value as purpose and the environment in mind.


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Industrial Design by Shyft Design

Shyft Design delivers outstanding industrial design quality as a service for professionals or consumer. From visionary design concepts, CAD construction and Class A surfacing to rendering and animation.

Industrial Design

Together with our clients we design physical products that aim to maximize the user experience. By starting with a market research and a target group analysis we ensure that the product will serve the needs of the customer. With sketches and CAD concept modeling techniques we visualize the concept idea to capture the vision of the product. Beeing able to visualize the proportions and the design in 3D helps to understand to product and make design decisions. We incorporate 3d-printing as another way to review the design concept and to be able to touch and feel a prototype of the product. Where 3d-printing is not possible we create a VR environment to digitally explore the design. For presentation purposes we also create high-end product renderings and animations to explain the product.


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Strategic Design by Shyft Design

Shaping an environment for design-led strategic decisions to create meaningful innovations.

Strategic Design

After several years of professional work experience in both design agencies as well as innovation departments we know what’s necessary for a team to be successful creating innovations. Together with our clients we plan and execute innovation workshops, teach design thinking methods and empower a culture where innovation is possible.


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User Experience Design by Shyft Design

User centered product design puts the user in the center of the design process to create real value and lasting impact.

User Experience Design

User centered product design puts the user in the center of the design process to create real value and lasting impact. This does not only apply to digital products. We are convinced that physical and digital products need to provide a consistent and coherent user experience to unfold real value and spark joy.


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Shyft Design is the new approach to design and innovation

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Shyft Design is an innovation and design agency in the greater stuttgart area, operating using flexible workspaces. We design products, create user experiences and provide innovation workshops for our clients.  Remote, on-site, in the office, temporary workspaces and everything in between. This is our vision of an innovation agency of 2022.

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