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This image has been generated using artificial intelligence using the promt „artificial intelligence vs industrial design“. Only the robot knows what the caption is about.

Industrial Design versus Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence development is making great strides, entering an area with image generation that has increasing intersections with the work of designers and artists: The creation of something new. But what is actually new? How does the creative process of a designer differ with that of artificial intelligence? Much of the development of A.I. is also seen as a threat to the designer and to artists. As designers, we draw on a toolbox of methods to systematically generate new ideas and innovations. One of these methods is to transfer the familiar into a new context, creating something previously unknown. A designer’s skill lies in putting the right things together in a new way so that the user’s experience is the primary focus. Recognizing the vision and the potential in the process and, in the next step, making it visually tangible for everyone involved is another skill. And in our opinion, this is exactly where A.I. can provide support: It accelerates the process of putting things together in a new way and presenting them visually.

Therefore, SHYFT Design embraces the the strategic use of artificial intelligence in the design process from the very beginning. Local computing processes can ensure that no information is publicly available and that copyrights are clarified. That’s Industrial design incorporating artificial intelligence!

As AI Image generation is only one of the many tools designers use in their everyday work, we know when to use it and when to use other tools. Talk to the experts of artificial intelligence in the design process to learn how we can help you.

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